Interviewing Jason Feifer, Editor-In-Chief Of Entrepreneur Magazine

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Do you want to be an entrepreneur? You can be! And, with the right tips and guidance, you can be a very successful entrepreneur! How do we know? The Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, Jason Feifer, said so. However, before you can do that you need to understand your worth and find your confidence. Surrounding yourself with talented people from the entrepreneur network will also help you succeed. Finally, avoid the common mistakes new entrepreneurs make.
About Jason Feifer
Jason Feifer is the Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine. Additionally, he is the author of one of Cosmopolitan’s Best Books of 2018, Mr. Nice Guy. He is the host of many interesting podcasts one of them being, Build for Tomorrow. He also advises start-ups on how to succeed. Jason has made it his mission to help people make the most of change.
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