The Metrics Cookbook With Derek Huether

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(You can find a video version of this interview here: Derek Huether is back to talk about his new book “Metrics Cookbook”. Organizations love collecting metrics and creating reports. Some of those metrics are critical to understanding what is happening in the organization, but a lot of them are not critical and waste a lot of time and effort. Derek’s new book offers recipes (just like in a cookbook) for how to approach metrics so that you can make sure you are collecting the most valuable data and using it to drive results. During the interview, Derek and I talk about why he wrote the book, how it can help, and then we walk through an example of how he collected specific metrics within an organization to help them understand which projects they needed to let go of in order to give the most critical endeavors a chance of survival. Derek’s Book Metrics Cookbook Contacting Derek Web: LinkedIn: Twitter: Email:

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