Building A Highly Successful Telemedicine Network: Lessons for Virtual Physical Therapy

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Today’s Agile&Me podcast is titled, “ Building a Highly Successful Telemedicine Network: Lessons for Virtual Physical Therapy”. We are thrilled to welcome our guest, Dr. Jonathan Wiesen.

Dr. Wiesen is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer for MediOrbis. Mediorbis is an innovative end-to-end telemedicine platform connecting patients with medical specialists and offering chronic disease programs. In addition to founding MediOrbis, Dr. Wiesen has a remarkable professional career that includes the publication of over thirty scientific papers in the fields of critical care, pulmonology and biomedical ethics.

Richard and Dr. Weisen discuss:

· The founding of MediOrbis in 2014
· The skepticism of telemedicine as a method of delivering patient care
· Advances in technology to enhance the patient experience
· The development of telemedicine pre and post Covid-19 pandemic
· The similar challenges experienced establishing MediOrbis and Agile Virtual Care
· The future of telemedicine post Covid
· And more!

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