97 - A.K. 47 - Bonus Episode - 100 Years of Kollontai's Work in Yugoslavia and Serbia

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Kristen Ghodsee records part of a spontaneous chat with Minja Bujakovic and Marta Chmielewska, both Ph.D. researchers at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Over a bottle of wine, Minja discusses her Master's thesis examining the work of Kollontai as it was disseminated in interwar Yugoslavia. Of particular interest is the reported conversation that the French liberal feminist Louise Weiss had with Kollontai when Weiss visited Moscow in 1921.
Minja Bujakovic is a first-year Ph.D. researcher at the Department of History and Civilization. In her Ph.D. project titled: Revolutionary Women Transcending Borders: The Communist Women’s International and the Struggle for Women’s Emancipation , she proposes a transnational analysis of the Communist Women’s Movement in the interwar period, mapping its evolution and development over time, through the membership and activism of individual communist women.

Marta Chmielewska is second-year PhD researcher at the Department of History and Civilization interested in labour and gender history, queer theory, and global socialism. Her thesis "Bra Production in Socialist and Postsocialist Small-Town Central Poland: from Cooperation to Competition? explores how the introduction of capitalism influenced transitions in labour organisation, gender order and family lives at the local level.

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