Brahman's Will (ब्राह्मण की इच्छा)

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Once upon a time, in Delhi, there lived a Brahman who insisted on being called "Shastriji" despite having no knowledge of the Vedas. He tried hard as a child to learn the Vedas but was never able to remember what he read. Desperate Brahman sought to Birbal for assistance. Perplexed Birbal, paused for a moment to consider his options before instructing the man to carry out his orders. After few minutes Birbal had an idea and asked the Brahman to execute it. The Brahman went near Birbal's house the next day, as per Birbal's order, and began loitering. Birbal instructed some nearby children to refer to the Brahman as "Shastriji" until he became annoyed.

The kids began to irritate the Brahman by calling him "Shastriji" from that day forward, and the Brahman would scare them away. After a few days, the entire town became aware of the event and began referring to him as "Shastriji." This is how Birbal fulfilled the Brahman's wish.

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