Clever Thieves (चालाक चोर)

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Many years ago, there was a businessman in Delhi. Two thieves disguised as business people once came to meet him. They pretended to be from China and requested the innocent man to sell a few jewels for them. As an honest man, he requested the thieves in disguise to hand it to him and that he would look into their request.

The criminals demanded that the man not deliver the jewels to anyone else under any circumstances. A few hours later, the second thief returned and wanted back the jewels. He was informed by the man that his other partner had already arrived and taken them. When he heard this, the thief became enraged and began yelling. He threatened and instructed the businessman to get his jewels at whatever cost.

They then traveled to Badshah Akbar’s court, where Birbal heard the entire narrative and then instructed the second thief to bring in his other partner. Birbal apprehended and punished the second thief when he had no answer and was attempting to flee the court. He was imprisoned for two years, and the innocent businessman joyously returned home.

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