The Magical Stick (जादुई छड़ी)

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Once upon a time, there lived a businessman who was fascinated by jewelry and liked wearing them. He used to wear a diamond necklace. One day he kept his necklace on the table and went for a shower. When he came back, his diamond necklace was nowhere to be found. He gathered all his servants and asked them to return it if anyone has taken it. None came forward so the businessman went to the court to report his complaint.

Birbal listened to his story and asked the man to come along with his servants the next day. The following day when all of them arrived, Birbal gave each servant one stick and informed them that it is a magical stick to detect the thief. The stick of the thief will grow four fingers taller. Birbal then asked all the servants to return to the court the next morning. The thief who took the necklace was very scared. He cut the stick four-finger shorter to be safe.

But it was revealed the next morning that it was no magical stick but the trick of Birbal to find the thief. Thus, Birbal once again proved to be the wise gem of the court of Akbar.

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