Women in the Wind: Morocco's rural teachers | Al Jazeera World

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Against the backdrop of one of Morocco’s most remote areas, hope for the next generation of rural children comes in the shape of three dedicated teachers – dubbed the "women in the wind". Teachers around the world face significant challenges every day, from having to discipline students to dealing with a lack of resources. But the three Moroccan women in this documentary - Maryame, Salma and Bouchra - also have to contend with isolation, physical hardship, sexual harassment and separation from family. They are all primary school teachers who have been posted to cut-off rural villages to address the country's educational needs. Far away from the towns and cities where they grew up, life is lonely as they miss loved ones and have few home comforts. Despite this, the women try to remain positive. The Moroccan government has introduced reforms but school dropout rates remain high, particularly among girls in these isolated areas.

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