215: Setting intentions with Susan from Hola Sober & introducing Smashed - Drynks

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Great to team up with this cool brand! Competition coming soon! The Smashed range includes Lager, Pale ale, Shandy, Apple and Berry ciders. Smashed is available in selected Sainsbury’s stores Smashed Pale Ale 4 pack box and the full range is in all Booths & selected Coop supermarkets in the Midlands. Online at www.drynks.store, Wisebartender, The Alcohol Free Drinks Company, Amazon, and a range of local independent retailers, pubs & restaurant venues across the UK.
How is your New Year going? Don't forget to set intentions, Janey chats to Susan from Hola Sober on using ritual to set intentions
If you are doing Dry January connection is key, join us at www.thesoberclub.com for motivation, inspiration, connection et al
Susan speaks about our ancestors - join us for Family Constellations Sun 22 Jan in Herts More info here
The day before Sat 21st there is a heart centered biz day in Herts also
Join us for Champneys Self care in Sobriety at Tring Herts Sat-Sun 11-12 Feb
Info Here
If you want to do a day of motivation and creating a vision board join us for Sober by the Sea Southend Sat Feb 18
Follow Janey on social media @janeyleegrace

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