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What do you value in life? What matters most? Few problem drinkers would say, “alcohol”. Most likely, they would day things like family, health, career, faith and more.

But how do those values show up when we are not sober? Grab a wine or whiskey glass (leave out the booze!) and a pen and paper for a Project 90 original tactic.

You get to gain a glimpse into how our coaching can transform shame into empowerment as you find out why an alcohol-free lifestyle is more valuable than anything on the top shelf.

★ - Learn more about Project 90:

★ - (Accountability & Support) Speak verbally to a certified Alcohol-Free Lifestyle coach to see if, or how, we could support you having a better relationship with alcohol:

★ - (Free Guide) The Alcohol Freedom Formula For Over 30s Entrepreneurs & High Performers:

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