Expect A Recovery Pt. 2 by Pastor Joseph

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Your Recovery Comes Only in the Proportion of You Understanding Your Identity, therefore identify with Christ and His finished works on the cross. Understand that a king lives and rules by decree. Now for you to recover all you must begin to decree your recovery by faith, because faith commits your Heavenly Father to what He said. NEXT STEPS Have you made a decision to follow Jesus? You may be wondering what’s next on your journey. We want to help! Let us guide you to your next steps in your walk with Christ: info@alivechurch.co.za FIND US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ @AliveChurchza Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ alivechurchza Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ @alivechurchza YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/. Alive Church ZA CONTACT INFO 015 297 0509 info@alivechurch.co.za 123 Magazyn Street, Hospital Park, Polokwane www.alivewithjoseph.com

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