The Power of Gratitude 3 by Pastor Joseph

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We live in a time where everything around us is sorrowful and if you are not careful it will bring you to the point of depression. The print media is full of doom, social media is even the worst, everywhere news of death and the passing of loved ones. Job losses everywhere, business crash everywhere, insecurity, we are just surrounded with bad news and sorrowful news. All these will bring you to a state of depression if you are not careful. Child of God in the midst of all this Rejoice in the Lord, rejoice in the Lord always. NEXT STEPS Have you made a decision to follow Jesus? You may be wondering what’s next on your journey. We want to help! Let us guide you to your next steps in your walk with Christ: FIND US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: @AliveChurchza Instagram: alivechurchza Twitter: @alivechurchza YouTube: Alive Church ZA CONTACT INFO 015 297 0509 123 Magazyn Street, Hospital Park, Polokwane

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