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Do you want to know the tricks to sell your house quickly and agilely? We tell you all the factors to take into account before putting your property up for sale and a series of tips so that your house sells itself.
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What factors must be taken into account before selling a house?
If we want our home to sell well and quickly, there is a series of preliminary work to be done and issues to take into account:
Analyze the demand and purchase times. Make an analysis of the average time of sale by cities and autonomous communities and also of the type of buyers in the area (age, nationality, marital status, family structure and use of the houses).
Do a real estate appraisal. The price of your house must be fair and competitive. We recommend that you appraise it to see its mortgage value.
Observe your competition and differentiate yourself. You must look at the differences and similarities of your house compared to others, the prices that are handled in the area and do a SWOT analysis (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities).
Make sure you have all the documentation prepared and in order. If we want the sale of our property to be quick, we must have everything ready to do the paperwork once we find a buyer. We will need to have the deeds of the house and the property title at hand .
Write an attractive ad . Write a description with precise information where you highlight the strengths of the house and with good photographs.
4 infallible tricks to sell your house
Once you have everything ready to sell your house, write down these four tricks so that they take your home out of your hands:
Keep the house clean
Even if the house you are going to sell has not been inhabited by you for a long time, it is essential that you maintain order and cleanliness, in addition to keeping bad odors at bay.
Think that, although they may be very convinced by the space, if the buyers perceive a feeling of dirt, this could put them back a lot.
Repair the house
If it is a priority for you that the house is sold quickly, think about fixing the maximum number of possible damages to get the best version of the property.
Obviously, you are not going to do a complete reform, but maybe you can do a standard arrangement of the kitchen or bathroom, depersonalize the house, etc.
pleasant visits
Offering your potential buyer a good visit can make the difference between deciding on your property or another that can offer similar characteristics.
So, try to empathize with your buyer, be friendly, know all the details of the house by heart to be able to answer questions accurately and do not deceive with defects. Maintaining honesty is not only important to look good in front of the buyer, but also to avoid possible legal problems in the future.
Negotiate with the buyer
It is normal that before an investment as large and important as the purchase of a property, the potential buyer tries to haggle.
Don't be offended by it, and don't feel compelled to lower the price if you already think you're selling your home below market value, but be open to listening to your buyers.
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