What is the most effective method of using CBD?

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There is no single answer, as CBD comes in many forms . In addition, the concentration or amount of CBD in the product that is being used also has an influence.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the milligrams (mg) or percentage (%) of CBD that the product that we are going to use contains.
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There is a third element that intervenes in the use and effect of CBD: ourselves. Depending on our complexion and our bio-availability, CBD can have a lesser or greater effect , and that is why we should always start with lower amounts and gradually learn how cannabidiol has an effect on us.

These 3 elements (presentation of CBD, concentration of CBD and person who uses it) are what could define the amount of CBD suitable for each person, that is, how to use it, how often, in what quantity and what type of product it is. what works best for us.

First of all, we must remember that CBD is a product that according to the WHO does not have serious side effects and that its use is safe. In addition, the WHO in its 2019 statement highlights its potential therapeutic benefits.

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