All That Jas Podcast with Calgary member of Parliament Jasraj Singh Hallan

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If you asked him, Calgary MP Jasraj Singh Hallan would tell you he isn’t sure he was “born to serve.” What Jas would say is he knew the moment the trajectory of his life changed. As a new Canadian, it wasn’t enough just to be in the land of the maple leaf, he wanted to make a difference. First as a community leader and businessman, then as a family man, and now as an elected Member of Parliament for Calgary Forest Lawn, who also serves as the Shadow Minister of Immigration. Jas is also Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration working to improve people’s experiences with IRCC. As an Albertan he is also listening to people’s perspectives on the oil and gas industry and clean energy, as well as agricultural experiences. A proud member of the CPC caucus, All That Jas is a podcast about immigration issues, energy issues, agriculture, and most importantly about people from all walks of life.

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