Are Tour Groups a Responsible Way to Travel? [REBROADCAST]

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NOTE: Hey Alpaca Pals! We're on a break right now to work on putting together the next season of the show. In the meantime, we’re rebroadcasting some of our favourite episodes every few weeks - episodes are that a MUST LISTEN!
From Season 3, Erin is joined by Jess Brooks to talk about tour groups! Tour operators sometimes get flack for their practices, but others seem to be doing a good job when it comes to responsible and sustainable practices. Erin and Jess discuss the impact that group travel has on our planet, and give tips for figuring out which tour operators deserve our dollars.
Jess Brooks is the founder of Eternal Landscapes, a Mongolia-focused tour operator that aims to keep the benefits of tourism within the local community.
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Written and Hosted by: Erin Hynes
Producer: Kattie Laur
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