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Kristen and Kyla are joined by Erin Hynes and Kattie Laur to discuss how we can travel more responsibly. Topics: choosing a destination; carbon offsets and flying; how to find vendors, tour guides, and places to stay; choosing souvenirs; general intentionality.
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Check out the journalist Natasha Daly for more information on animal tourism: https://www.natashaldaly.com/
We went on a tangent about Shein and one of our favourite pods (How to Save a Planet) just released a more in depth episode! Check it out here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3zcjQpt9pZd5UVP8Dp1iRr?si=f3bf0f7462af448f
Pullback is produced and hosted by Kristen Pue and Kyla Hewson. Logo by Rachel Beyer and Evan Vrinten.

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