S5 Ep87: Why Can’t Wheelchairs Roll Onto Airplanes?

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Wheelchair users around the globe are having some of the worst travel experiences imaginable, because aircrafts do not allow wheelchairs to roll right on. Most mobility devices have to be stowed in the cargo hold along with luggage.

But mobility devices aren’t just luggage. This system is resulting in thousands of dollars worth of damage to wheelchairs, and scary, uncomfortable experiences for travelers with disabilities.
We talk to Maayan Ziv and Chris Wood to unpack why inclusive air travel is lagging, how accessible air travel in a human right, and what legislation and changes are needed to make it possible for wheelchairs to roll right on.
Maayan Ziv
Founder of the Access Now App. Disability Activist. Canada’s Top 40 under 40.
Find Maayan on Instagram here. (@maayanziv_)
Christopher Wood Bio
Founder of Flying Disabled and Air4All. Christopher lobbies and campaigns for the aviation industry and governments to make commercial airlines power wheelchair accessible.
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Written and Hosted by: Erin Hynes
Producer: Kattie Laur
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