Bigger Than Me With Traci Harrell 11 - 28 - 21 Accomplishing Goals with Accountability

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This week, our first segment is called, “Bigger Than Me – Diversity”, (2:03 – 2:20 pm PT) – We’ll discuss the next session in our Series called, “Unapologetically Black – Fostering Inclusion & Living Beyond a Hastag. See the attached file and 5 minute video Our second segment will combine two areas of focus called “Bigger Than Me – Destiny” & “Bigger Than Me – Finally Free”, (2:20 – 2:40 pm PT). These topics are directly connected. This week on “Bigger Than Me – Destiny” we will include a focus on “How to Modify your Behavior for the Better – and How to Accomplish Any Goal”. One goal than many of us share, especially during this time of year is WELLNESS. ‘During each week’s segment called of “Bigger Than Me – Living Free” we will have a LIVE weigh-in by yours truly and others for accountability and a fully invested demonstration that we can change our beliefs and change our thoughts. The third segment is called, “Bigger Than Me – with AOE”, (2:40 – 3:00 pm PT) and it features our sponsors, a group called ‘Africans on the Eastside/AOE’. We will continue to interview the Organization’s Leaders, Adam Dibba and Karen Smith Fraser, to learn more about “How they are empowering their community”, and to discuss “Why this is so important”. Join us for a Truly Transformational Experience.

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