Don't Ask Me To Talk 05 - 12 - 22 National Limerick Day

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Stacy and Eric kick off the show talking about limericks and not coincidentally Nantucket, and its’ newly voted upon law allowing topless beach goers on its’ beaches. They also go off on a tangent about local dialects and how words are said differently based on regional influences and Stacy may have bribed listeners with the promise of a gift card if they call or text into the show. Per usual that leaves only a few minutes to talk about this week’s topic: local can’t miss spots, before they welcome Vance Dingfelder of Dingfelder’s Delicatessen. The trio talk about friend chicken sliders once again leaving Stacy and Eric almost too hungry to close the show and pick next week’s topic, which conveniently is local must try foods.

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