DriveTime Radio w/ NY Vinnie 05 - 21 - 22 Kirby Arnold, Joni Pursell

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This week on DriveTime Radio, New York Vinnie chats about the ongoing surge of gas prices that just keep getting higher and higher, as well as the classic Mercedes-Benz that sold for 143 million dollars in charity. Then, he welcomes Kirby Arnold to the show to discuss what's to be expected in this year's Indianapolis 500. After that, another guest Joni Pursell joins the show. She's the next correspondent from Drive Toward A Cure for Parkinson's Disease, and she's conquering the feat on a Harley! To support her cause, please visit This week, Vinnie drives the Mazda CX-5 and saves the Lexus review for next week Listen to the Car Tune "Drivin' Around" by The Raspberries here:

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