Talk Cosmos 05 - 15 - 22 Planet Buzz - Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

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The monthly panel Planet Buzz brings their attention to the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse occurring that day and the next, 15 or 16 May, depending upon where you live. It’s a total eclipse of the Saros series 131. However, this is the first time the eclipse will pass through the center of the Earth’s Shadow which is always noted astronomically. We’ll consider the meaningfulness of this impactful 25°18′ Scorpio Lunar eclipse that we’ve likely been feeling ahead of time and will continue to have significance recalibrating our inner and external lives. Joining Talk Cosmos founder Sue Rose Minahan astrologer consultant living on Hawaii Island will be the engaging Planet Buzz guest members Lesley Francis of Edmonton, Ontario, Canada, and Dr. Laura Tadd of Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.

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