Episode 189: Friday the 13th with Michael Scott

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Happy Halloween! Movie guru Michael Scott returns to the podcast to talk about his love for the Friday the 13th films. How did a low-budget 1980 horror movie spawn a franchise and draw in millions of fans? Is it all about the hockey mask?

As it turns out, Michael's first foray into the series was Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives, which led him to devour the rest of the "Jason Movies." Michael has also read a few books on our friend Mr. Vorhees, including Crystal Lake Memories, written by author Peter M. Bracke.

As Michael notes, Jason not only inspired numerous splatter flicks, the Friday the 13th films influenced non-horror movies, too, such as the Terminator and Rambo series. And yet, it's been more than ten years since the last Jason movie. Has Hollywood given up, or does Tinseltown just need a few good ideas? Have no fear, Colin and Michael have some thoughts. And it turns out Danny McBride may be the man to revive the series.

You can check out Michael at the popular Dana Buckler Show movie podcast: https://linktr.ee/DanaBucklerShow. Michael also has his own podcast, Adkins Undisputed, available at https://anchor.fm/adkinsundisputedpodcast.

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