Episode 207: Keith Ryan Cartwright

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Some writers start young. Keith Ryan Cartwright is one of those. An early gift of a typewriter kept Keith busy while growing up in Wisconsin. And he hasn't stopped writing since.

In part one of this conversation (part two will appear when his book comes out this fall), Keith talks about his brief stint in college in Florida, writing on the Madison music scene, and moving to Los Angeles to become a writer. In L..A, he spent a lot of time around bands such as Poison, Tuff, and Ratt and has had the opportunity to interview everyone from The Cult and Quiet Riot to David Lee Roth.

Based in the Nashville area now, Keith's chops as a journalist have served him well over the years. He made the transition to television, where he worked at CMT and had an interesting run-in with football commentator Terry Bradshaw. He has a book coming out later this year, Black Rodeo Cowboys. In the fall, he'll return to the podcast to talk about it.

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