And She Spoke

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For so many modern, driven women, life is about being more than one thing. We’re multidimensional—and so are our conversations. We carry multiple identities; we can be both mother and artist; both attorney and entrepreneur. Both clinician and CEO. Both humble and proud. Life for women like us is about both. About…all of the above. It’s about the “and”... Presenting, ‘And She Spoke, our brand new show that peels back the different layers of entrepreneurship so we can dive into the messy, the chaotic, and the heartfelt stories and lessons that define the lives of the entrepreneurs we know. You’ll hear from successful female entrepreneurs about how they’ve grown their businesses, how current events have affected, the role money, mindset, and philosophy play in shaping the kind of business you run. Think of And She Spoke as an inner circle of successful women in business having honest conversations about how they got there, the road bumps in the way, and their big plans for the future. We’re setting aside the tactics, and we’re stepping into our truth. We hope you’ll join us.

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