Episode 356: Torturous Orgasm (Feat. Sir Marvelous & Syphon the Unicorn)

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We apologize for missing last weeks episode. Unfortunately, Angela tested positive for COVID. Thankfully, she is okay.

BDSM couple/Dominatrix, Sir Marvelous and his sub, Syphon the Unicorn, join the ladies for this week for an informative, yet WILD episode. Sir Marvelous and Syphon the Unicorn explain how they first got into this world of sexual pleasure, as well as the all the different things Marvelous will do to Syphon and his other clients. Marvelous and Syphon discuss their love for cuckolding, anal play, and much, much more. At the end of the episode, Sir Marvelous performs on Syphon the Unicorn...to the point where she squirts all over the place. The audio you will hear is graphic. You've been warned. Enjoy!

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