Brooke Gibbs on Anthropology in Business

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In this episode of the Anthropology in Business podcast, Brooke Gibbs speaks with Matt Artz about her career as a business anthropologist. The conversation covers Brooke's early work in market research, her decision to go back to UNT to get an applied anthropology graduate degree, and the work she is doing with her company ARTYFACT.
About Brooke Gibbs
As an Anthropologist with over 10 years of experience working with Fortune 50 companies, Brooke combines the analytical rigor of her background in social science with an innate curiosity and intuition about people. Brooke has extensive experience building brand purpose, driving organizational change, and uncovering insight on both the product and retail side. Brooke believes brands, organizations, and retailers have a responsibility to positively impact people and society. Her goal is to help organizations find their voice and identity within their communities, so they can better address the real issues impacting people.

ARTYFACT is a research, strategy, and innovation consultancy bringing clarity to business problems through human understanding. The name comes from the words ART and FACT, which represent the art and science of anthropology.
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About the Anthropology in Business Podcast
The Anthropology in Business podcast is for anthropologists and business leaders interested in learning more about the many ways anthropology is applied in business and why business anthropology is one of the most effective lenses for making sense of organizations and consumers. It is hosted by Matt Artz (, a business anthropologist specializing in design anthropology and working at the intersection of product management, user experience, and business strategy. To learn more about the Anthropology in Business podcast, please visit the website (

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