ANTIC Interview 405 - Heidi Brumbaugh, Antic Magazine

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Heidi Brumbaugh, Antic and START Magazines Heidi Brumbaugh worked at Antic Publishing, where she started off as editorial clerk, then was promoted to editorial assistant, for both Antic magazine and START magazine, then was programs editor for START Magazine. She wrote many articles for Antic and START, including three programs for the 8-bits published in Antic: Red, White and Blue, a board game; Hot and Cold, a Master Mind-type game; and Antic Prompter, a teleprompter application. She met her husband through Antic publishing, START author and programmer Jim Kent, who also created the Cyber Paint program for Atari ST. This interview took place on February 28, 2021. List of Antic articles by Heidi Brumbaugh List of START articles by Heidi Brumbaugh Heidi's programs at Atarimania Heidi's review of Linkword Languages Cyber Paint by Jim Kent 2013 Interview with Jim Capparell, Founder of Antic Magazine

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