ANTIC Interview 411 - Mark Simonson, Atari Artist and Font Designer

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Mark Simonson, Atari Artist and Font Designer Mark Simonson used his Atari computers who create art that was published in magazines in the 1980s, including a portrait of Nolan Bushnell that was commissioned by TWA Ambassador, an inflight magazine; a colorful street scene for the cover of Minnesota Monthly, the magazine of Minnesota Public Radio; and a juggler for the cover of Credit Union Advantage magazine, among others. Professionally, Mark is a font designer. He created Atari Classic, a free TrueType font family for modern computers that looks like the Atari 8-bit screen font. Today, you'll see Atari Classic used in many Atari emulators, web sites, the WUDSN IDE, and elsewhere. This interview took place on April 15, 2021. Mark's Atari reminisce blog post

Mark's Mac/Atari Fusion site Mark's Nolan Bushnell portrait in Hi-Res Magazine Issue 1 A wild Mark appears on AtariAge FujiNet This interview on YouTube

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