ANTIC Interview 412 - Linda Brownstein, Atari VP Special Projects

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Linda Brownstein, Atari VP Special Projects As I've researched Atari and it's 8-bit computer projects over the years, one name has come up over and over again, attached to the most interesting projects. Linda S. Gordon. Executive Director of Atari Computer Camps. Linda. Executive Producer of The Magic Room, Atari's movie about its camps. Atari's collaboration with Club Med to offer computer labs at vacation destinations — Linda again. Atari Club, the fan group that published Atari Age magazine - Linda launched that. More recently, in my interview with Ann Lewin-Benham of the Capital Children's Museum, Linda's name came up once again -- she was the liaison between Atari and the museum. Linda worked on the most interesting projects. Today, her name is Linda Brownstein. Linda joined Atari in December 1980 as Vice President of Special Projects, where she worked on most of the projects that I mentioned before. In October 1983 she became Senior Vice President in Atari's Education group. She left the company in July 1984 after Jack Tramiel took over the company. This interview took place on April 21, 2021. ANTIC Interview 78 - Manny Gerard, The Man Who Fired Nolan ANTIC Special Episode - Atari Summer Camp ANTIC Interview 410 - Ann Lewin-Benham, Capital Children's Museum ANTIC Interview 185 - Ted Kahn Atari Computer Camps — The Magic Room Video version of this interview

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