ANTIC Interview 420 - Brenda Laurel, Atari Research

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Brenda Laurel, Atari Research Dr. Brenda Laurel worked at Atari from 1980 through 1984. She began as software specialist for educational applications then soon became manager of software strategy for the home computer division. In mid-1982, she joined Atari Corporate Research at the Sunnyvale research laboratory, where she worked with Alan Kay. After Atari, she worked at Activision as director of software development. Later she founded Purple Moon, a software company focused on creating games for young girls; and co-founded Telepresence Research, a company focused on first-person media and virtual reality. This interview took place on July 15, 2021. Check the show notes for links to articles she wrote for Atari Connection magazine; her doctoral dissertation, "Toward the Design of a Computer-Based Interactive Fantasy System"; scans of memos on the subject of interactive fantasy that she wrote while at Atari Research; and more. Brenda's web site

Brenda's dissertation — Toward the Design of a Computer-Based Interactive Fantasy System Brenda's Atari memos The Renaissance Kid article by Brenda Laurel in Atari Connection Volume 1 Number 1 Atari PILOT with Turtle Graphics article by Brenda Laurel in Atari Connection Volume 1 Number 4 Valley of Genius podcast episode 11: Brenda Laurel at Atari 50 Years of Text Games — 1994: The Playground Brenda Laurel on games for girls Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet This interview at YouTube

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