Episode 92: Part 2 Q&A - Mormon Apologist Scott Gordon Vs Ex-Mormon James Walker "What Is The Gospel?"

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Former Mormon James Walker, president of Watchman Fellowship, had the rare opportunity to participate in a public dialogue with a top Latter-day Saint defender, Scott Gordon, president of FairLatterDaySaints.org. Their discussion question was "What is the Gospel?" The dialogue was held at the [un]Apologetic Conference sponsored last month by the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) and hosted by Dr. Jeremy Evans of Woodridge Baptist Church in Kingwood, Texas.
In episode two of this two-part podcast, James and Scott take questions texted in from the live audience as moderated by Dr. Evans. They seek to further clarify and provide their unique perspectives on the similarities and differences between the Latter-day Saint and evangelical Christian understanding of the Good News of Jesus Christ.
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