Find Your Ancestors-Find your Ghosts w/ Elizabeth Eagan-Cox

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Find Your Ancestors-Find your Ghosts !
October second on A.P.R.A. radio join Brandon & Justin as they interview Elizabeth Eagan-Cox !!
Elizabeth talks about " Find your ancestors, find your ghosts and how the hunt to find her ancestors from the 1700s led her to the realization that the spirits of her ancestors surround her... and her story is not unique! You, too, may discover that your ancestors are your ghosts. Elizabeth will provide some easy to follow links to sources readily available to everyone who wants to know more about their Blood Memory. Elizabeth is a member of the premier lineage society: Daughters of the American Revolution "D.A.R." and the international Irish Clann Mac Aodhagain. Listen in, call in, and feel free to ask Elizabeth questions on how to begin to trace your ancestors.
This is going to be a great show !!! Be sure not to miss it !!
- Brandon

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