Build Your Authentic Brand Interview with Renee Dick

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Living life on your terms means getting to do the work that you love. And you can't attract that to you if you're afraid to show up and ask for it. My Girlfriend Renee shares the big facts on living your best life, being authentic and sharing your story including how to leverage social media to work for you.

Renee is a force of nature and lets nothing stop her. Among the inspirational nuggets you will get on this episode:

  1. You were made to do more, and that only happens when you start living life on your terms. Live your purpose every day.
  2. Show up authentically and your ideal customers will find you
  3. You don't need a permission slip to live your best life, just show up
  4. Don't be stingy with your knowledge, share and collaborate and you will differentiate yourself from your competition
  5. LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram are the best platforms for architects-use them to show your personality and process

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