How to Leverage Your Conference Experiences

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Conferences aren’t just an opportunity to get CEU’s. Smart conference goers know how to leverage what they’re learning, build and activate their network. Listen in for my pro tips on making the most of your conference experience.

  1. Conferences are an active learning experience. Presenters are your peers sharing their insights around the same issues you are facing. Take the time to ask them questions and to connect on social media.
  2. Don’t just build a network - activate it. Keep connections warm by tagging them in posts you make sharing relevant information. Read and engage with the content they publish.
  3. Keep the togethering fatigue at bay by giving yourself quiet moments and allowing yourself some alone time between bigger session breaks in your hotel room. Yes, introverts, I’m talking to you.
  4. Share what you’re learning by thinking outside the conduit of projects. Conferences at a perfect opportunity to connect the dots around what you’re passionate about and see it in an expanded context.
  5. Be open to considering the adjacent possible.


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