Stop Asking and Start Claiming

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The difference between asking and claiming is empowerment. Do you believe you can get what you want, or do you believe someone else has to grant permission? Listen in to learn how to make what matters to you a non-negotiable.

  1. Asking places power in someone else's hands. Claiming states that you have the power to get what you want. You take full responsibility for your actions.
  2. Claiming is pure confidence. You believe so strongly in what you want and know you have the skills and ability to make it happen. You are not available for excuses.
  3. When you claim something, you show that you know your worth.
  4. Claiming is active, not passive. It involves self-directed action, not passively waiting for someone else to lead you through.
  5. When you claim- you will be heard. Every no becomes a not yet,


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