#470 Stealing from Bobby Kelly with Joe List, Luis J. Gomez, and Kerryn Feehan

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Joe List, Luis Gomez, and Keryn Feehan join me on my rooftop for a wild all-over-the-place conversation that started with friendship and ended in a love child for which 23 states wouldn’t allow early termination. These are 4 of the dumbest people you know . For real. List is probably the smartest because he knows how to spell the word Movie. Luis is obviously the dumbest. And all joking aside Ari is the smartest because of the heritage and also those people value education so even though I was a bad student, I was a bad student compared to them. But it’s still like super-intelligence compared to Luis and Kerryn. Joe is smart sort of. But obviously it’s Ari.

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