The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

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A new episode to start off the new year, which we surely hope will be a better year. Here we listen to a mixed bag of new discoveries/finds from 2020, including some UK folk, privately pressed westcoast psych, dreamy pop-psych and funky Swedish blues. We also have the honor to play the new single from Kungens män, which will be included in the upcoming 5 LP-box, “Innanför boxen” that will be out in February.

Bruce Hamana – Hamana (Canyon Records, 1974)

– The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

Shelagh McDonald – First Album (B & C Records, 1970)

–Look Over the Hills

Cinderella (Imperial, 1971)

–From Town to Town

Mad Hatters (Fontana, 1966)

–I’ll Come Running

Red, White and Blues (MNW, 1971)

–Far, Far Away

Sage – Into the Wind (A & B Records, 1978)

–Empty Man

Sten Bergman – Lyckohjulet (Gump, 1974)

– Vägen är Lång

Sally Christopherson – Autumn (Customs Records, 197?)


Kungens Män – Innanför boxen (Cardinal Fuzz, Adansonia Records och Kungens Ljud & Bild, 2021)

–Hamra med slutna ögon

You find more info on Kungens män on their bandcamp-page.

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