Norah Diedrich: Director & C.E.O. Tucson Museum of Art - Epi. 219, Host Dr. Mark Sublette

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I had Norah Diedrich on today, and she is going to be our new executive director running the Tucson Museum of Art, which we're very excited about. She's an interesting lady who has followed a unique and interesting path, as so many guests on this podcast have.
When she was first involved with art, she thought she would be a fine artist. At one point she was showing her photographs in galleries, but ultimately found the path she has been following for most of her life, which was through the museum world.
Fast forward to today and Norah's been the executive director of the Newport Art Museum in Newport, Rhode Island, for almost eight years. Now she's going to move to the Southwest and she's very excited about the potential and about what she can add to the museum. She understands just how important the diversification of a museum is, as well as the impact the interpretation of the art museum can have on the community.
I'm very excited to welcome her to Tucson. This was an interesting and uniquely Art Dealer Diaries conversation about her journey and what we're going to get to expect from Norah Diedrich.

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