Get Focused: How To Overcome Distractions and Boost Your Attention (TPS359)

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We’re continuing our series on the TEA framework and this time we’re talking about Attention. How do you become more focused? How do you have more attention for what matters? How can you eliminate distractions? We cover all these topics today and more. If you feel like you want to become more focused, this episode is for you.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Top 3 productivity resources for this week. [2:55]
  • What are some signs to look for that show you are lacking in attention? [7:10]
  • How can you most easily improve your attention? [8:17]
  • What are some tactical ways to eliminate “low-hanging fruit”, attention-wise? [10:36]
  • What are Thanh’s “low-hanging” fruit distractions? [12:39]
  • Which type of distraction is the toughest to work around? [15:54]
  • How would Brooks recommend going about eliminating distractions proactively? [18:44]
  • How does Thanh know what to prioritize when working on attention? [21:29]
  • What does Brooks do prioritize effectively? [29:46]
  • What is the “I’ll Just” Strategy? [31:25]
  • What is the “Thinking Time” Strategy? [35:09]
  • Why is optimizing human interactions often so difficult? [40:38]
  • Where should someone start to improve their focus and attention if they aren’t quite sure? [43:25]


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