Can We Take the Gospels Seriously? (With Rebecca McLaughlin)

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Show Notes:

  • Rebecca, in your book Is Christmas Unbelievable, you answer some questions about the supernatural parts of Christmas. So much of what we know about Christmas, of course, comes from the gospels. But can we really trust them?
  • A lot of people say the gospels are unbelievable because they’re written decades after the events happened. But first of all, the gospels are not like you or I being asked what we had for breakfast last week. It was the disciples’ job to learn Jesus’ teachings. They rehearsed these stories for decades after his death, every day—that’s what they did all the time! Then, there were hundreds of other people who traveled around with him and saw the miracles he did who could attest to what he taught and did. We actually have a rich source of witnesses to the events of the gospels, not just the recollections of one or two guys 30 years later.
  • The gospels have proven to be impressive historical documents time after time—so much so that we should feel comfortable giving them the benefit of the doubt for historical facts that can’t be proven with other sources.

The gospels all testify about Jesus’ divinity in their own unique way.

Check out Rebecca McLaughlin’s new book, Is Christmas Unbelievable, today!

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