How Do I Scale My Business the Right Way?

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#1230 Two things will change the game for you when you're scaling your business: relationships and stories. So how do you leverage them the right way? Today I talk to Caelan Huntress. He has a book coming out called Marketing Yourself, so we get to go into the nitty-gritty of expanding your reach. Caelan is planning a podcast tour for his upcoming book, which is really smart. But how should he message podcasters he’s not connected with yet? I get a lot of requests, so we dive deep into what works and what doesn’t. We talk about leveraging existing relationships, cold messaging podcasters the right way, using stories to have a massive impact, and some neat tricks you can use to get in front of more people. Podcast tours are a fantastic way to grow your business. Caelan asks all the right questions, so we come up with some great ideas and lots of actionable tips in this session. Show notes and more at

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