Where Are They Now: Jackie Bolen (of AP 1046 and 1003)

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#1189 Time travel is one of my favorite things, and I love to incorporate it into AskPat by bringing people back to see how things have been going. Jackie Bolen of ESLSpeaking.org has actually been a guest on AskPat a couple of times before, in episodes 1003 and 1046. And she's been on an incredible journey. As you'll learn if you listen to her two previous episodes, she started out doing niche websites and helping people with ESL, and then doing some Amazon-focused stuff. She was going to partner with some people who were supposed to take a bunch of work off of her plate, but it didn't quite work out. Today we're going to dive a little bit deeper into what happened there and where things are now, and you're going to see this very nice story arc that Jackie has followed recently. Jackie is doing pretty well now, but she had to go through some messy stuff in the middle to find her way there. As her story shows, sometimes you don't realize how much you miss something or how good you had it until you don't have it anymore. Jackie's experience also shows the benefit of sticking with one niche and going deep, so you can build relationships and develop a much greater lifetime value (LTV) of each customer. Her story can be a great lesson for all of us, so check it out.

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