How Do I Get More Time to Grow and Scale My Business?

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#1234 As a solopreneur, what do you do when your business idea finally takes off? If you don’t see a problem here, let me explain. You’re planning the next move, you’re creating content, you’re working on new products, you’re doing customer support and filing taxes. You’re doing everything! That’s where Chris Gilmour is at right now. He’s been a student of mine for a long time. He went through Smart From Scratch, our beginner entrepreneurs course, and explored a couple of ideas before landing on His business is booming, but Chris is doing everything himself and feeling overwhelmed. So how should he grow his business from here? Listen in on this coaching call to hear us brainstorm strategies that would help him free up his time and bring in more customers. I walk Chris through everything from mastering the most relevant platforms right now to letting go of certain tasks and starting to hire out. Show notes and more at

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