Alien Autopsy? Part 2

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In the continuation of our interview with the mastermind behind the infamous and legendary Alien Autopsy film, director, producer, conceptual artist, and magician, Spyros Melaris, we learn more about the process of its creation and the aftermath of its release upon the world. But if you think this is just one more case of "Mystery Solved! Nothing to see here, folks!" you may not be considering its broader scope. Because not only is this a rare case where the magician reveals how they did the trick, but its story reveals a glimpse into human nature, a peek behind the curtain of our beliefs and disbeliefs. The smaller picture is the mechanics behind what we see in the frame. The bigger picture is a contemplation of how and why we believe the things we do. Keeping in mind that nothing in the film could be disproven at the time; if you didn't buy what you saw or didn't bother to look, ask yourself, was it because what you saw didn't look authentic in your estimation, or was it because you think the reality of it is impossible? For those who demand proof of aliens before they accept the idea, why not look at all? For those that believed, was it an open mind that entertained its veracity or merely wishful thinking, and what does it take to foment disbelief? What keeps some believing even after revealing the trick? With the word hoax being so currently prominent in our society, it certainly seems beneficial to examine one of the world's greatest hoaxes and the hoaxer's methods. The Alien Autopsy film defined for many the adage "Seeing is Believing" to mean seeing in person, but how can we trust what we see? The proof of alien life would be the biggest story on the planet. What we would consider the evidence and how we would handle it is our own biggest mystery.
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