The Dave Glover Show at the Sallie House

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In this episode, we revisit the Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas – by way of The Dave Glover Show, as Scott's not quite ready to return in person. ; ) Being an Astonishing Legends listener himself, Dave has graciously invited Scott and Forrest to appear on his show several times. Now it was time to repay the favor, especially since Dave and his crew had a chilling and emotional experience there themselves. The Dave Glover Show has been driving St. Louis home for 20 years. Airing regularly from 3 pm to 7 pm Monday through Friday on 97.1 Talk Radio, Dave and his co-hosts Rachel and Tony, along with their producer Ryan, get to discuss their curiosities during the "Paranormal Wednesday" segments. For their Halloween Specials, the team will investigate a regional haunt, such as the famous Lemp Mansion or the "Exorcist House." This past October 2019, had the DGS crew investigating the Sallie House, motivated partly because of the house's notoriety and our series on it. It would be safe to say that many who visit the haunted house don't report much of a paranormal encounter except for coming away with feeling a very spooky vibe and some interesting history about the place. However, it also seems that whatever unseen forces operate at the Sallie House, they will sometimes single out an individual or group and deliver to them an experience they will never forget, even if the details become mysteriously hazy. This is what happened to Dave and some of his team, as interactions appeared to tap into thoughts, target their emotions, and affect their physical senses. Of course, some might chalk this communication up to a series of coincidences. But then Dave, as well as the rest of us, must consider how many coincidences are too many? At what point does denying a formation of relevant meaning start to seem illogical or even foolish?
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