Joshua Ravich and Andrew Fazekas - Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion April 20, 2021

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Hello, and welcome back to Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion. This week, we have a pair of amazing guests. First, we talk to Joshua Ravich, NASA’s lead mechanical engineer for the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars. We will discuss the design, testing, operation of this remarkable little robotic explorer. Next, we will be joined by Andrew Fazekas, National Geographic's Night Sky Guy, discussing amateur astronomy, science, and exploring the Cosmos.

But, first, we'll examine a new study showing ways that oxygen might be produced on planets in the absence of life, and what that could mean in the search for extraterrestrial life. Next, we look in on a newly-discovered rocky world not far from our own home. Then, we journey out to the edge of out planetary family, where the New Horizons spacecraft reaches a historic milestone.

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