Astrophiz 125-May SkyGuide

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Astrophiz 125: May SkyGuide with dr Ian ‘Astroblog’ Musgrave. For astrophotographers or naked eye observers with or without telescopes and/or binoculars, Ian gives us a comprehensive guide on what to look up for. We have planets to see in the morning and evening skies, planets lining up with the moon, a fabulous total lunar eclipse and the ever reliable eta Aquariid Meteor Shower. In ‘Ian’s tangent’ this month he gives us the skinny on powered and unpowered flights of robotic craft, including the Ingenuity helicopter, on Mars. We hear about the proposed Dragonfly Quadcopter mission that has been approved for Titan, and Ian also points out the challenges inherent in future missions which will involve controlled flights on Venus and Titan, and he also reminds us of the 1985 Soviet Vega mission with balloons on Venus.

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