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We've all been cooking more at home in 2020. And cafes and restaurants have been forced to change their business models and cater to the new normal.

Like Mike Eggert at Totti's in Sydney. When the pandemic hit, he had to close their doors. But Mike was able to pivot and offer restaurant quality food delivered to your home as part of the new Merivale at Home service. We tried it and loved it!

So in this episode of At Lauren Keenan Home we chat to Mike about how he coped with closing his doors less than 3 months after the official opening, how the delivery service works and why it’s been so successful.

Also in this episode we update you on mortgage interest rates, how the federal budget is helping first home buyers, and Lauren talks through the difference between inspiration and imitation in interior design.

Here are the links for Lauren's Lovely List recommendations in this episode: Read the new definitive guide on house plants called Plantopedia by Leaf Supply; start planning for 2021 with a beautiful diary from Emma Kate Co; and relax this weekend watching Emily in Paris on Netflix for some fun fashion in the show from Sex and the City creator Darren Star.

We also talked about Scott's travel series on Instagram where he’s sharing his favourite travel pics for some positivity and inspiration while borders are closed. Check them out and tag your fav holiday posts with #travellingmanau.

This episode is supported by leading Sydney real estate agent Ercan Ersan, who you can trust to connect you with the property that’s right for your lifestyle.

Get in touch if you have a topic you want us to talk about on the podcast. Same goes if you want to hire Lauren to help create your perfect home - check out her work at And thanks for listening!

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