Home office design that looks amazing and is good for your body

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So many people are spending time working from home during the pandemic. While we thought it might be for a few weeks or months, it is now becoming a longer term proposition.

So in this episode of At Lauren Keenan Home, we take you through Lauren’s top tips for designing a functional home office or work space, with an eye to design so it looks great too.

And we’ve got expert advice from Chris Morton, Physiotherapist and Clinical Services Manager at health services business Ethos Health, to help you avoid common working from home injuries.

Here are the links for Lauren's Lovely List recommendations in this episode: Buy incredible stand out homewares from Aussie brand Gingerfinch; Be more creative in your next renovation with wallpaper, and check out Melbourne’s Natty and Polly for some incredible designs; and follow Lauren Freestone on Instagram for some incredible contemporary Indigenous art.

This episode is supported by leading Sydney real estate agent Ercan Ersan, who you can trust to connect you with the property that’s right for your lifestyle.

Get in touch if you have a topic you want us to talk about on the podcast. Same goes if you want to hire Lauren to help create your perfect home.

Follow Lauren on Instagram @laurenkeenanhome and check out Lauren's work at laurenkeenan.com.au. And thanks for listening!

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